Your Instant Manuscript

Two weeks ago I discovered the wonder that is If you are experiencing some deathly writer’s block or are like me and just love to write in general, this is your new daily ticket.

The general purpose of the site is to help get your creative juices flowing. Each day there is a new featured word and you have merely 60 seconds to write anything about that word. The whole point is not to think, but just to jump into writing and see what comes of it. I like to call it “word vomit.” At the end of the minute, you are given a chance to finish your sentence but I will admit, I have cheated once or twice and ran a little longer with my writing just to get my ideas out. But your entry is submitted and you can read others along with yours.

This website has really cured me of the writer’s apathy I have been experiencing the past few months and has helped me to get more inspired to write and has provided me more creative ideas. So when the dirty devil that is writer’s block hits you like a ton of bricks, throw out the paper and pencil and click on your golden violin: the ever-present purple “go” button.


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