GooGoo for GaGa

I am here to say that I love and admire Lady Gaga. I’m not ashamed to say it. And I’m really sick of hearing people say that she’s a freak and I’m sick of people criticizing not only her wardrobe choices, but her life choices as well. People said the same type of things about Michael Jackson and look what the wonderful world of media did for him. Lady GaGa, like Michael Jackson, is a musical revolutionary. She has brought an entirely new sound and style to the music stream and she should be applauded and not chastised. We need something different besides the 12 year Disney channel pop sensations and the “good girl gone bad” scantily clads who’ve been handed a microphone. Yes, her lyrics and some of her outfits may be racy and provocative but tell me one song in today’s music market that doesn’t either degrade women or use a cuss word every other line or talk about sex, drugs, or alcohol. Lady GaGa has met the Queen of England people. She’s performed with THE LEGEND Elton John. And she’s sat down with Barbara Walters. She’s like a Beatle. She’s inspired fashion designers everywhere and has gotten people on their feet for Haiti.

Music is my life. It picks me up when I am down and adds to my happy days. And as sad as you may think this is, Lady GaGa and her music has inspired me to be more confident and has certainly added pizazz to my dance moves. She’s not afraid to come out in a plastic orbit dress with triangle makeup on her eyes. She doesn’t care what people think of her or what people say about her. She can be an inspiration to a lot of young girls, but mothers are too scared to let them watch her. It’s like she’s Harry Potter or something. But I promise that one day you will see her on the list of music legends right beside Michael Jackson and Elvis. And you will regret never having given her a chance.


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