Ever Thine, Ever Mine, Ever Ours

It’s another book for this week’s recommendation. Are you noticing a pattern here? This week’s rec is based off my love for Sex and the City and literature. For those of you who have seen the first SATC movie, you may remember the scene where Carrie reads excerpts from a book called Love Letters of Great Men. Quotes from this book are used throughout the movie, most prevalently, “Ever Thine, Ever Mine, Ever Ours” from Beethoven’s letter to his Immortal Beloved. Well as soon as I saw this, I knew I had to have that book and immediately made a trip to Barnes and Noble. But you wanna know what? It didn’t exist. Nope. There was no such thing. SATC lied to me. And I was devastated.

I gave up my search for the book, thinking that it would just be a mere literary fantasy, until my latest trip to the B&N. I was perusing all of the shelves, as I normally do, and a bright blue cover caught my eye in what section of the store you ask? Oh yes…the WESTERN section. Hidden amongst tales of cowboys, sheriffs, and saloons, was the book I had been longing for. I kid you not. And it was the only copy the store had. Well um don’t ya know I grabbed it up and ran to the nearest register with my debit card waving violently in the air. After I purchased the book and had recovered from my teen queen panic attack, I started reading the inside flap. Come to find out, a little editor woman named Ursula Doyle compiled all of the letters featured in the book from the big screen and made my fantasy, along with that of millions of other SJP fans, a reality. It even says on the front, “Inspired by the Big Screen.” Never have I been so excited to see a book based off of a movie, rather than the reverse.

All of the letters mentioned in the movie are present, along with those of Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde, Charles Darwin, and my personal favorite, King Henry VIII. And this is no Twilight romance my friends. The letters included in this book are of true love and true literature. The words of these great men are so moving and so eloquent that one would forget Edward Cullen in a turn of a page. Their letters to fiancees, wives, and secret lovers all don these pages and drip with seeming love and adoration. So ladies, if you want your man to gain some inspiration, or if you just want to lose yourself in a world of love separated by war, famine, and nations, pick up this masterpiece. I’m pretty sure I even spotted an edition of Love Letters of Great Women.


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