Three Dimensions of a Wasted Economy

Waking up on this lovely Independence Day morning, I overheard my mother talking about something she had read in the newspaper. One of the NASCAR races on TV last night was being shown in 3D and anyone watching the race had to have 3D glasses in order to properly watch the race. I thought perhaps maybe I had just awoken on the wrong side of the bed and decided to go back downstairs and try again. But the fact still stood when I came back up the stairs. Now I knew we had 3D movies and 3D TV’s but what NASCAR fan is going to go out of their way to buy a pair of 3D glasses just so they can cheer on their favorite driver. What is this world coming to? Is Steve Jobs behind this? I mean what could you possibly want to see in three dimensions during a car race? Maybe the thrill of seeing a car coming directly at your face? That’s more scary to me than thrilling.

It seems as if everything is in 3D these days. Every movie trailer I have seen the past couple of months has said at the end, “Showing in Real-D 3D.” Now some movies would probably be kick ass in 3D. The new Harry Potter for example. And Toy Story 3. But Step Up in 3D? Really? “Oh hey look honey, it’s like that person is krumping right in our faces, how fun!” No. I mean what’s the fascination with 3D? Why do we have to have it in our living rooms now? Has anyone noticed how expensive these movies are to see? And you can’t even keep the glasses. At least in our theatre, you can’t. A ticket for a 3D movie in our local theatre is 12 dollars. A ticket for IMAX is 15. Not to mention the fortune you will spend on concessions. A small soda is 5 dollars while a small popcorn is close to 7. Don’t complain to me about a recession if you keep going to see all these 3D and IMAX movies. I have never seen a big screen movie in 3D. I’ve seen those amusement park movies in three dimensions and wasn’t too impressed so I highly doubt seeing Harry Potter fly towards my face on his broomstick would be worth the money.

While I will never understand the fascination with three-dimensional viewing, at least they made the glasses more fashionable. Rather than having the plastic white frames with the red and blue cellophane lenses, they now looks just like sunglasses. So now we can all look like vampires as we sit in our living rooms.


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