How the Writer Becomes a Writer

Well kids, you get a break from the books this week. I have not had a chance to finish the new book I started so I cannot properly give a good review. However, I do have a recommendation for the week. And not just for this week. This is something that I think everyone should do a little of everyday. And that is to write. Write anything. Write what you feel. Write down what you dreamt about last night. Write a rant about how much you hate your boss. But just get it down on paper. It could more than likely lead to something else. Something much bigger than you.

I officially started on a manuscript last week. I had a creative rush at work and just had to get some ideas down before I lost them forever. I have known for years now that I want to write a book one day but I never thought I would start on it now. Granted, it will take years. And I have already completely changed the theme since I started and most likely will do so again about 20 times. But hey Harry Potter wasn’t written in a day right? I’ve been writing my thoughts down ever since I was able to write and I have finally gotten enough inspiration to get started on my dream.

I know there’s a little writer in all of us and there’s also that little part who wants to see our name in print. Whether it be in a magazine, online, in a book, or even on a billboard. Start writing things down RIGHT NOW. Open up that huge imagination that has been lingering beneath those pantsuits and ties. Wrangle that little 4 year old out of you at least once a day and you will be surprised how much fun you’ll have and how much you’ll learn about yourself.


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