RIP Nate Henn: A True Peacekeeper

For those who don’t know, for a few years now, I have been passionate about helping the children in Uganda who are suffering because of the civil war that is tearing through the Congo. While I am unable to actually fly there and participate in the Roadie Internship sponsored by Invisible Children, I have been able to do my part here in South Carolina by becoming involved in an on-campus organization and even sponsoring a benefit concert to raise money to build schools for the children. But a man named Nate Henn was doing what I could not do by dedicating his time and his life to those kids and by spending years in Uganda serving them. Sadly, Nate lost his life on Sunday doing a selfless act that many of us could never bring ourselves to do. 

Nate was killed after a terrorist attack sent explosions raging through a rugby field in Uganda. A field in which hundred were gathered to watch the World Cup Final. Even though he died amongst utter chaos and amidst anger, Nate died for peace. And he gave his life for Uganda.

What he has done for Uganda and the children has been completely selfless and downright respectable. He sacrficed a life of luxury and comfort to live in less than humble conditions for no pay in order to protect the rights of these children and to protect them from harm. I only wish I could have the same motivation and the same humility.

While he was not a glory-seeker in the least, I will continue to honor him and his passion for peace. Nate, thank you for what you have done for the Invisible Children, for Uganda, and for the American people. You are truly a hero in my eyes and your legacy will carry on inside my passion for helping these kids and bringing peace to Uganda.

So I ask you to please take a moment today to remember him and to reflect on what he has so graciously done for others in need. Visit to learn more about him and his mission and if you feel so compelled, to donate in his honor.


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