Read any good books lately? Join the club!

I have gotten totally behind on my blogging and I do apologize. As a rising junior in college with a job and three weeks left til classes, I shouldn’t have to explain to you why I have been absent from my online duties. But sadly, I must also use that as my excuse for not having finished another book for the Weekly. I am almost done and promise I will have it ready for you next week.

But never fear, I still have something I want you to peruse in your free time. It’s a website this week that I shamefully am just now discovering, but there is no question as to why I have already become obsessed with it. It’s Here, you can make a free profile and go BOOK CRAZY. Its database contains every book ever written and you create lists: A “Read” list, a “To-Read” list, and a “Currently Reading” list. You add books to each list and whichever you are currently reading, you can update your status throughout your literary journey. With books that you have read, you are able to write your own review, give it your rating out of 5 stars, and post it on  your blog, Facebook, or Twitter.

Along with the reviews, you can post other forms of your writing, as well as answer questions in the NeverEnding Trivia game and also answer specific quizzes created by other players. There is also a quote section dedicated to users’ favorite quotes from a book or specific author. You can of course create your own trivia question or quiz, as well as add your own quote or create your own network or group, just like Facebook.

You know it couldn’t be a decent website without some social networking involved. You can add friends and see their reviews and updates as well as send them messages and your own reviews. There are also group forums, online book clubs, and they have recently incorporated live webchats with a featured author.

If you love to read as much as I do and want to share your thoughts on books with others, I definitely recommend you sign up at this site. Whether you want to bash the teen sap of Twilight or rave about your journey through Timbuktu, get on there and let it be known. I myself have over 50 books listed and am adding more everyday. I’ve even found a potential book blogging opportunity. Don’t hesitate to read my friends.


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