Oh my blog!

So I was just nominated for the OH MY BLOG! award by my GoodReads friend Cathy, who has quite an amazing book blog herself that I think you should check out. http://whereyouwishuponastar.blogspot.com.
I would like to thank Cathy for my nomination. I’m so glad to know that my blog is finally getting some readers and some recognition. I would also like to thank all the little people that I had to step on in order to get to this point. HA! I’m just kidding. But I always told myself I would say that in my first acceptance speech.

So apparently there are some rules to accepting the award and I have a few options of how to do so. I can get REALLY drunk and blog for 15 straight minutes. Well, I’m not really sure if anyone would be able to understand anything I say so we’ll skip that one. Plus it’s before lunchtime in my neck of the woods and I would like to eat some real food first 🙂 The second option is to write about my most embarrassing moment. While I have had about a million of those in my life, it is rather difficult to pick just one, so we’ll skip that one too. Option 3: Make my next blog entry a “vlog” or video blog. I’m not really into “vlogging.” When I can actually get my webcam to work, the lighting is terrible and the quality is less than desirable. That’s what I get for not having a Mac. The fourth option is to take a picture of myself first thing in the morning before I do my hair, make-up, or any other prepping. HA! You people are hilarious. I have chosen the fifth option, which to write a “Soundtrack of my Childhood” post. So here goes nothing.

When I was growing up, the shows I watched the most were Barney, Sesame Street, and anything with the Muppets. So the “Barney song” and the song from Fraggle Rock were big ones that I used to sing along and dance to. My favorite song from my childhood would have to be “Lean on Me.” My grandmother would sing it to me all the time when I was very young and when I got old enough to speak clearly, I would sing along with her and I still sing it in the shower to this day. I was baptised when I was 7 and the song we would always sing in church was “This Little Light of Mine.”  I sang that song every Sunday and still think about it every now and then when I’m feeling down. Also, every song from just about every animated Disney movie should be on my track list. Most importantly “Once Upon A Dream” from Sleeping Beauty and “Be Our Guest” from Beauty and the Beast. I have to admit that music was not as important in my life back then as it is now. Music is basically my life and I use songs to capture my mood, to lighten my mood, to describe my life situations. When I was younger, music was just something to shake my little booty to (which can still be said today, just with a bigger booty). Nonetheless, I will always remember the moments in my childhood that were defined by music, regardless of whether they were songs from my favorite movie or TV show.

The final step of my acceptance is to nominate others for the OMB award! Here comes the really fun part. The award must be passed on to at least three other bloggers and you need to be sure to inform them so they can chock up their acceptance as well and keep on nominating. The first OMB goes to Lousie Tripp of the To Grow on Book blog. This is a project blog that I am now regularly contributing to and talks about our relationship with books. http://2grow-on-books.blogspot.com/

My second nom goes to Kat a.k.a ThatKindofWoman on Tumblr. Tumblr is my favorite fun/random little blog site where I post my randomosity. ThatKindofWoman has one of my favorite Tumblrs and is quite insightful and trend-setting in her posts. http://thatkindofwoman.tumblr.com/

My third and final nom goes to the writer behind Wuthering Expectations. I came acorss this blog just the other day and fell in love with the way this person writes about literature.  It mainly revolves around 19th century literature, which is one of my favorite genres. And plus, the title isn’t too bad either. http://wutheringexpectations.blogspot.com/

Well I think that wraps up this completely long enough blog. Thanks again to Cathy for the nomination and I hope more and more people will start to discover our blogs. Happy reading!


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