Symphony of Rock: My Spotlight’s on David Garrett

Finally! A post from me! I know friends, I know. Life has been one hell of a ride the past few weeks but I promise I’m trying. My poor goodreads account has seen less action this past month than Lindsay Lohan had in her 14 day jail stint.

I’m straying a bit away from the norm this week and recommending some music rather than literature. But if you sit down and think about it, music is just literature put to a melody. So technically, I’m not straying too far from the beaten path. And the guy I’m recommending is one hell of a storyteller.

I recently discovered an artist by the name of David Garrett. He’s a violinist and a damned good one at that. The majority of his pieces are covers of other well known classicals, such as Zorba’s Dance or “I’m a Pirate” from Pirates of the Caribbean. My favorite of his albums has to be Rock Symphonies. He takes well known rock songs, such as “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and recreates them with a violin symphony. My favorite is his version of “November Rain.”

The man is truly a genius. While always being a fan of classical music, I was actually never been too keen on violinists until I came across this guy. His music is just simply a joy to listen to. And even while there are no words, he makes me feel like I’m right in the middle of a story. I’ve always penned his type of music as “perfect coffee shop or bookstore music.” And while it does still fit in that category, I find myself wanting to listen to him while I get ready in the morning, on my breaks at school, and it sets the perfect mood before I go to sleep at night.

I believe he’s another Hoff in the making because he’s the most popular in Germany. Ever since I “liked” him on Facebook every link posted on his page has been written in German. But I must say he’s a lot better looking than the Hoff man. And a much better singer.


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