The best book I read last year

Day 01 of the “30 Day Book Meme”

 Yep it’s true. Breaking Dawn was the best book I read last year. I read a lot of great books last year but this one takes the cake. Meyers’ imaginative way of writing puts you right in the middle of Bella and Edward’s romance and leaves you with such a profound image. I absolutely love books that do that. While this was not my favorite of the series, it may have been the most well-written and informative. And with it being the last installment, there’s really no wonder. There’s more of a sci-fi feel to this book and it also gives you a more in-depth look at the vampire clans as well as the members of the wolf-pack which really helps to develop the plot and answer a lot of questions that readers had throughout the other three books. I know there are a lot of Twilight “haters” who just think it’s adolescent whining and I will admit, even though I’m a huge fan, the movies do make it seem that way. But the books offer a much more profound perspective and completely engage you with not only the plot, but the characters and their way of life. This is a book that scares you, makes you laugh, makes you cry, and makes you upset when something happens to one of the favorite characters you have come to know and love throughout four adventures. This book made me nervous, made me cringe, and made me have some romantic thoughts that probably shouldn’t be shared on this blog. The fact that one book invoked so many emotions in me makes it the best that I read last year and also puts it in my Top 10 list of favorites. Now we just wait and see if the movie will have the same effect.


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