Day 03: My Favorite Series

Are you surprised at this one? I didn’t think so. I actually don’t read many books that are involved in a series. I can’t really tell you why. So besides Harry Potter and a bunch of series style books I read when I was younger, it’s not too surprising that this one takes the cake. But can you blame me? I know some people out there could. But I wonder whether or not the “haters” have actually read a sentence from one of these books. I believe all they know is the sterotypical plot line that the movies have put forth. But they have forgotten the Golden Rule. The book is always better than the movie. And I can just about guarantee that anyone who says anything negative about the Twilight series has never read any of the books. This series is just amazing. And this is coming from an original non-believer. Yes, that’s right. When Twilight first came out, I was in my sophomore year of high school. I had heard about the book on the news and read about it online but truly had no interest. Then I saw all my bookworm friends reading it but still thought the idea of it seemed lame. Then I went through a terrible break up. The guy I thought was “the one” broke my heart and I was sent into a spiral of wrong-doing and deep sadness. You know, your typical high school girl drama. One day, one of my best GUY friends, yes I said male, handed me Twilight and said “Read this. I promise it will make you feel better.” Well when I started gathering that it was a romance, I  was like “how in the hell is this going to make me feel better?” But then as I continued to read, I was completely immersed in this fantasy world where love conquered all, whether it be man or beast, or a time of war. Edward Cullen was like the dark side of the Mr. Darcy of my dreams and I could relate to Bella and a lot of the awkward and outsider feelings she was having. I got so entangled in the first book of the series that I lost a lot of those sad feelings and began to feel like myself again. All because of a plot line in a book. It scared me, it made me happy. it even made me a little jealous. But it brought out a much better assortment of emotions than the negative ones I had been feeling. Getting back to my one love of reading again even gave me the courage to go and GET MY MAN BACK. That’s why I owe so much of my life path to books. They so often bring me out of the shadows and into the light of learning not only about myself, but about the world around me. I found myself immediately searching for New Moon and I believe I read it in about a week. Waiting for the release of Eclipse was worse than waiting to hear back from the colleges  I had applied to. And then I finally finished the series last year. When I shut Breaking Dawn after going through what seemed like the greatest emotional rollercoaster of my life, I will admit that I got a little teary-eyed and a little mad at the same time. I was sad that this adventure was over and that I would never read about Edward and Bella again. I was also mad that this part of my life was over and that I would have to move on to other books. I was also afraid that nothing would live up to this series or make me feel the way these books made me feel. It was almost like an unhealthy addiction to the feelings I got while reading these books. But luckily, that was not the case and I still have these books to turn to whenever I need that uplifting guidance. Yes I know I sound like some sad sap adolescent, but I kid you not when I say these books truly changed my life. They changed my perspective, my attitude, and showed me that I could always count on my love of books to bring me back to life: a concept that I had long forgotten.


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