Day 05: A book that makes you happy

This is Millie’s Book; A staple in our household for as long as I can remember. My grandmother has always been a huge fan of the former First Lady Barbara Bush and also a dog lover. So she bought this book for herself before I was born. Once I was old enough to read, she began reading it with me and I fell in love from page 1. It was full of pictures of this extremely cute Cocker Spaniel named Millie that belonged to the Bush family for quite some time. The book was written as if from Millie’s perspective and took us through a day in the life of a presidential pooch. You get to go on a walk with her and the former president and get a sense of her reactions to the other dogs around her. You also get to see her favorite spot to take a nap in the Oval Office and how she supports her “mom” while she’s getting ready for formal events. I read this book everyday for years and we still have it on the bookshelf. This book continues to bring a smile to my face as I have grown to love dogs even more since my little person years. I flip through this now very worn book whenever I need a pick me up. I always “awwww” at all the cute Millie pictures and I laugh when I think about myself reading this as a child and wondering how in the world that dog was able to talk. I used to think it was magic. And I guess now, I still kinda do.


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