Day 07: Most underrated book

I had to think a bit on this one. This one was pretty difficult. I can think of several books that are overrated but underrated is a whole different story. But after some thought, and after considering my background in journalism, I came to a solid conclusion. So many people take the AP Stylebook for granted. Especially people that I have worked with in the past. Proper grammar and style are very important to me in a professional setting and this book has been my Bible for years now. But it’s like nails on a chalkboard to me to see college level students or even adults in the job market who have no idea what proper grammar or punctuation are. Spelling errors are my biggest pet peeve in this world. And while I’m no saint, I know I’ve come through with plenty of typos, especially on my blogs. But in the business world, the difference between a colon and semi-colon could make or break you. It’s embarrassing and I think that if more people turned to the AP Stylebook, they would learn so much more, not only about their own personal writing style, but they would learn skills that will take them quite far in the business world. Everyone needs to know how to write. Even CEO’s and accountants have to write something every now and then. And most of those people have no idea that a book like this exists. This book is extremely underrated and I feel that if more people would take the time to at least glance through it, the world would be a much better, and more grammatically correct, place.


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