Day 10: Favorite classic book

Hands down. No question. This has been at the top of my Favorites list since I read it for the first time years ago. My sister read it first and watched the movie with me all the time. After she read the book, I stole it from her and tried as best an elementary school gal can to read it. Obviously if you’ve read this you’ll know that was quite hard for me to do at that age. Luckily she let me have the book and I was able to read it on my own terms when I was older and had achieved a greater vocabulary. I mean this book is just awesome. The story is amazing. The romance is beautiful. I have never read a more romantic book. Heathcliff is and will always be my favorite male character in a book. And the movies just add to the amazingness of the book. I mean we’ve had both Timothy Dalton and Ralph Fiennes playing Heathcliff…it doesn’t get much better than that. The language in this book, although difficult as is the Bronte way, is also luxurious and engaging. And those dialogues…the one Cathy delivers to Nelly when Heathcliff leaves…and the one Heathcliff delivers after Cathy’s death. I mean COME ON! You cannot imagine anything more romantic. Man just thinking about this book makes me happy and makes me want to read it again. You know that means it’s my favorite.


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