Day 14: Favorite book of your favorite writer

 Sticking with the John Green meme from yesterday, my favorite book of his is by far Looking for Alaska. It’s about a young boy named Miles who is sent to a private boarding school and comes across one of the greatest loves of his life: Alaska Young. This story is rebellious, funny, tender, romantically sad and adolescently sexy. Each and every one of us went through the same situations described in this book and would be able to relate: from Miles’ first experience with alcohol, sex, and the sadness of death and loss to Alaska’s continuous fight for acceptance through rebellion. We’ve all been there whether we like to admit it or not. And with the way this book is written, it forces you to put yourself back in those positions. While most of us would probably never want to relive our high school memories, for me, it actually helped me fight back a lot of demons and fears from my adolescent past. This book kept me engaged and was probably one of the deeper and more mature novels I’ve read that have been labeled as “young adult fiction.”


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