Day 20: Favorite romance book

Okay so I know my inner middle-aged woman must be showing but Danielle Steel’s Jewels has got to be one of the most romantic I’ve ever read (besides the Notebook and Sundays at Tiffany’s of course). I always thought Danielle Steel was the type of author my mom or my grandmother would read. Either that or her stuff was just trashy romance. And for the most part, I still sort of believe that. But this book is the exception to that rule. It all started when I saw the mini-series of the movie on the We channel. My sister and I watched it together and I just remember being so engrossed in the plot line. It also stars Annette O’Toole who is one of my favorite actresses. The story revolves around Sarah and spans over 75 years. Sarah first marries Freddie, a good for nothing, and ends up divorcing him and causing her disgrace. Her parents take her on a trip to Europe in order to try and cheer her up and there, she meets the dashing William Whitfield, who turns out to be 14th in line of succession to the British throne. They fall madly in love and even though she’s afraid of a public scandal, William convinces her to marry him. They have a whirlwind romance until World War II ravages France, where they are now living, and William is called away to war. While he’s gone and while the Germans have invaded their new home. Sarah finds out she’s pregnant. This child ends up being the first of about 6. I lost count after a while. When William finally returns, he is confined to a wheelchair. The family begins their own jewelry business and eventually become jewelers to the crown. The remainder of the story goes through to Sarah’s 75th birthday and details the turbulent lives of all of her children and how Sarah copes with the loss of her husband. I know you probably think I just gave away the whole plot but I assure you I didn’t. This story is just one romantic thing after another and I love reading it. An epic romance, a war-torn love and the fight for faith, and the strength of love and loyalty: this book has it all and William Whitfield is the modern Darcy for sure.


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