Day 24: A book you wish other people would have read

No one I have ever talked to has even heard of this book much less have they read it. I came across this book at the library one day. I had no definite list of books I wanted to read that day and was just picking up random books (most of which I found the cover to be most interesting). This book was on the very bottom and very empty shelf in the section I was in. I flipped through it for a second and really liked the way the dialogue read and thought a lot of the ideas presented in it were interesting and just kinda cutesy so I decided to give it a try. I finished this book in a day. There’s no true plot to this book. It’s just about two brothers who open up a bed and breakfast. Some of the book deals with the stories behind some of their guests. Other parts revolve around the brothers and their unique habits.

 I love the quote on GoodReads that is used to describe this book: “The best books, as you read them, take you from wherever you are to a place where you want to be. If you’re a reader of a certain type—a lover of books, cats, and absurdity of a quiet kind—then the Bachelor Brothers’ Bed and Breakfast should be on your itinerary.”

But I really just think everyone should read this book. It’s pleasant and soothing at the end of a long day and it literally takes you to a bed and breakfast owned by two fraternal twins who have plain every-day adventures. And I think everyone could use a dose of that every now and then.


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