Day 25: A character you can relate to the most

Easy. Matilda. From Roald Dahl’s book of the same name. While I don’t have telekinetic powers, I am pretty much just like her in every other way (especially as a child and now even so in my adult years). Matilda learned to read at a very young age, just as I did, and books became her form of escape from her rather strange family. Now my family wasn’t all that strange. In fact, we were pretty normal as far as families go. But ever since learning to read, books became my escape, my santuary. I always knew I could rely on a book to make my day better or take me away from whatever adolescent issue I was having. And the same can be said today. I go to places like Pemberley, Forks, or Sichuan and meet people like Jay Gatsby and Emily Delahunty. And I can do that any day that I want. Matilda spent the majority of her free time at the library, as did I. And Matilda also was an outsider. She never felt like she fit in with her family or at her lousy school. And she used her passion for reading to take her away from all that and find a better life for herself. When I was younger I also felt out of place. My sister was 18 and had no use for me. My dad was always at work and a lot of the kids at my elementary school would make fun of me (mostly because my hair back then would make me look like a poodle). I did have a few best friends like Matilda did. And I also had a teacher that became my go-to person and my friend. Even today I can relate to Matilda in just about every way (still minus the telekinesis…but boy I wish I could go all Carrie on a few people) But I digress. Today,  I still deal with people who are less than desirable as acquiantances, much less friends, but I have the true blue stick outs who I know I can count on. I still have a college professor who has become my mentor and good friend. And yes, I still prefer to be alone in my bed with a book and a glass of wine rather than out getting into god knows how much trouble.


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