Day 26: A book that changed your opinion about something

I have honestly thought about this all day and have come up with nothing. I mean it honestly would take a book a lot of clout in order to change my opinions. I mean I guess I could say that with some of the autobiographies I’ve read, I’ve gotten a much clearer perspective of certain people, whether they be historical greats or recent celebrities. I mean a lot of times, it’s easy to hate or be jealous of some of the famous people out there today but when you read their own words about their life, you realize they’re just a person like any regular Joe on the street. They can just act better than we can and thet get paid more than we do for a great talent. For example, I read Tori Spelling’s first book. sTORItelling (yes I read this, I really loved their Oxygen show and her husband is hot. Don’t judge). I had never had negative thoughts towards her but I fell into the typical vortex where I thought she had the perfect life based on her TV show. But after reading her book, I realized what it took for her to get where she is now and that she didn’t necessarily lead the all-star “I’m Aaron Spelling’s daughter” life that we all think she lived. Books like that are pretty grounding for people to read. And while they don’t really change my overall opinion on something or someone, they bring a touch of humility and reality to the table.


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