Day 27: Most surprising plot twist or ending

Easy. HARRY POTTER BEING A HORCRUX. Sorry if I just ruined it for anyone. I mean I guess I should have seen that one coming but I really didn’t expect it when I first read about the horcuxes. I swear when I figured out that Harry was one, I screamed “THE SCAR!! OH MY GOD NOW THEY HAVE TO KILL HARRY IN ORDER TO DESTROY VOLDEMORT.” Well obviously that’s not really how it ended up in the book. But at that one moment in time, I thought my life would never be the same. My grandmother read all the books before me and I went screaming to her saying, “WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME MIM?? I mean I feel that would be at least an important hint to give.” Yeah I was a little obsessed with the books back then. But I mean can you blame me? I also have to say the ending of the series was pretty surprising too. A pleasant one, but a surprise nonetheless.


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