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Snowpocalypse 2011

The South was hit with quite a winter storm this week. The system is now moving its way up towards the northeast and I sincerely hope all my Northern comrades are safe and warm. I have been trapped in my house for three days now and am most likely coming up on a fourth. In order to help assuage my cabin fever, I decided to blog about what we are lovingly referring to as “Snowpocalypse 2011.” This will also be marked on my mental calendar as the year that 49 out of 50 states had snow on the ground at one time. I mean how often does that happen?

I was supposed to start classes for the spring semester on Monday. Obviously that didn’t happen. The snow came in around midnight on Sunday and continued through late Monday afternoon. We got about 6 to 6.5 inches as you can see by my intense calculations.

The thing that is making this storm so bad is the fact that our temperatures have not even crested the freezing point during the day. The high today was 34. The low last night and for tonight is about 17 to 18 degrees, meaning that everything that melted today thanks to the large amount of sunshine, will refreeze at night and cause for even more hazards on the road. And that’s a whole different thing in itself. The roads.

Let me first start off with my driveway. My Dad attempted to dig out a track for his truck in case of an emergency. Since then, ice has formed on the exposed asphalt in the tracks and we are once again trapped at the top of our rather hellish driveway. He was able to make it out earlier today to get some food but said the Main Street in town could have served as an ice skating rink. And my campus had the audacity to have classes start at noon today. CHYEAH WHATEVS. I think it will be Friday at the earliest that I will officially be able to get out of my driveway without dying and when I will be comfortable enough with the efforts of the sun and the DOT to drive on the roads in town and on the interstate.

The last time I experienced a storm of this magnitude was when I was in elementary school. I remember school was closed for close to a week and we were without power for 2 or 3 days. We dodged a major bullet by not losing power this time. I think this is the first time that’s ever happened when we’ve been hit with any kind of winter weather. Electricity has definitely held the stir craziness at bay for longer than usual.

I must say the extended break has prolonged my personal reading time before I throw myself into Asian Religion, Public Relations, and Film History. I’m currently engulfed in Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by John Berendt. It’s a truly amazing story full of rather unique characters. And it’s set in the South which makes it all the more fun. I will definitely have a review of it up before this cold and cruel month is out.

School may carry on tomorrow but we are “encouraged” to use our best judgement when traversing the roads and interstates. This scared driver will probably be posted up until about Friday afternoon when it finally starts to warm up. The weatherman on my most trusted news channel today said that on this day in the year 2000, the temperature was 70 DEGREES. Sometimes it pays to live in the South. But this January, it doesn’t seem like anywhere is safe.


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It’s the most wonderful timeeee of the yearrrr

That’s right folks, I’m BACK in action! For at least a month 🙂 I’m coming up on Christmas break at school. Today is the last day of classes and after 3 finals next week, I’ll have a month off to myself and to my blogging. My how I’ve missed it. I’ve already got a ton of drafts set up and I’m getting some great ideas written down. I actually found the time to read a really fantastic book that I just finished last week and I can’t wait to share it with you all. I will also be adding some more music-based posts in the upcoming weeks. My music has really gotten me through these past few months and I really don’t know where I would be without my iPod and a few iTunes gift cards from some lovely people. So it is only fitting that I show my gratitude for that medium as well.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving and that you are all getting geared up for the Christmas season! I know I sure am!

Happy Blogging!

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Oh my blog!

So I was just nominated for the OH MY BLOG! award by my GoodReads friend Cathy, who has quite an amazing book blog herself that I think you should check out.
I would like to thank Cathy for my nomination. I’m so glad to know that my blog is finally getting some readers and some recognition. I would also like to thank all the little people that I had to step on in order to get to this point. HA! I’m just kidding. But I always told myself I would say that in my first acceptance speech.

So apparently there are some rules to accepting the award and I have a few options of how to do so. I can get REALLY drunk and blog for 15 straight minutes. Well, I’m not really sure if anyone would be able to understand anything I say so we’ll skip that one. Plus it’s before lunchtime in my neck of the woods and I would like to eat some real food first 🙂 The second option is to write about my most embarrassing moment. While I have had about a million of those in my life, it is rather difficult to pick just one, so we’ll skip that one too. Option 3: Make my next blog entry a “vlog” or video blog. I’m not really into “vlogging.” When I can actually get my webcam to work, the lighting is terrible and the quality is less than desirable. That’s what I get for not having a Mac. The fourth option is to take a picture of myself first thing in the morning before I do my hair, make-up, or any other prepping. HA! You people are hilarious. I have chosen the fifth option, which to write a “Soundtrack of my Childhood” post. So here goes nothing.

When I was growing up, the shows I watched the most were Barney, Sesame Street, and anything with the Muppets. So the “Barney song” and the song from Fraggle Rock were big ones that I used to sing along and dance to. My favorite song from my childhood would have to be “Lean on Me.” My grandmother would sing it to me all the time when I was very young and when I got old enough to speak clearly, I would sing along with her and I still sing it in the shower to this day. I was baptised when I was 7 and the song we would always sing in church was “This Little Light of Mine.”  I sang that song every Sunday and still think about it every now and then when I’m feeling down. Also, every song from just about every animated Disney movie should be on my track list. Most importantly “Once Upon A Dream” from Sleeping Beauty and “Be Our Guest” from Beauty and the Beast. I have to admit that music was not as important in my life back then as it is now. Music is basically my life and I use songs to capture my mood, to lighten my mood, to describe my life situations. When I was younger, music was just something to shake my little booty to (which can still be said today, just with a bigger booty). Nonetheless, I will always remember the moments in my childhood that were defined by music, regardless of whether they were songs from my favorite movie or TV show.

The final step of my acceptance is to nominate others for the OMB award! Here comes the really fun part. The award must be passed on to at least three other bloggers and you need to be sure to inform them so they can chock up their acceptance as well and keep on nominating. The first OMB goes to Lousie Tripp of the To Grow on Book blog. This is a project blog that I am now regularly contributing to and talks about our relationship with books.

My second nom goes to Kat a.k.a ThatKindofWoman on Tumblr. Tumblr is my favorite fun/random little blog site where I post my randomosity. ThatKindofWoman has one of my favorite Tumblrs and is quite insightful and trend-setting in her posts.

My third and final nom goes to the writer behind Wuthering Expectations. I came acorss this blog just the other day and fell in love with the way this person writes about literature.  It mainly revolves around 19th century literature, which is one of my favorite genres. And plus, the title isn’t too bad either.

Well I think that wraps up this completely long enough blog. Thanks again to Cathy for the nomination and I hope more and more people will start to discover our blogs. Happy reading!

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Three Dimensions of a Wasted Economy

Waking up on this lovely Independence Day morning, I overheard my mother talking about something she had read in the newspaper. One of the NASCAR races on TV last night was being shown in 3D and anyone watching the race had to have 3D glasses in order to properly watch the race. I thought perhaps maybe I had just awoken on the wrong side of the bed and decided to go back downstairs and try again. But the fact still stood when I came back up the stairs. Now I knew we had 3D movies and 3D TV’s but what NASCAR fan is going to go out of their way to buy a pair of 3D glasses just so they can cheer on their favorite driver. What is this world coming to? Is Steve Jobs behind this? I mean what could you possibly want to see in three dimensions during a car race? Maybe the thrill of seeing a car coming directly at your face? That’s more scary to me than thrilling.

It seems as if everything is in 3D these days. Every movie trailer I have seen the past couple of months has said at the end, “Showing in Real-D 3D.” Now some movies would probably be kick ass in 3D. The new Harry Potter for example. And Toy Story 3. But Step Up in 3D? Really? “Oh hey look honey, it’s like that person is krumping right in our faces, how fun!” No. I mean what’s the fascination with 3D? Why do we have to have it in our living rooms now? Has anyone noticed how expensive these movies are to see? And you can’t even keep the glasses. At least in our theatre, you can’t. A ticket for a 3D movie in our local theatre is 12 dollars. A ticket for IMAX is 15. Not to mention the fortune you will spend on concessions. A small soda is 5 dollars while a small popcorn is close to 7. Don’t complain to me about a recession if you keep going to see all these 3D and IMAX movies. I have never seen a big screen movie in 3D. I’ve seen those amusement park movies in three dimensions and wasn’t too impressed so I highly doubt seeing Harry Potter fly towards my face on his broomstick would be worth the money.

While I will never understand the fascination with three-dimensional viewing, at least they made the glasses more fashionable. Rather than having the plastic white frames with the red and blue cellophane lenses, they now looks just like sunglasses. So now we can all look like vampires as we sit in our living rooms.

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The Technological Takeover a.k.a Steve Jobs’ plan to rule the world

So I downloaded the newest iPod software yesterday. I only have a 16 gig 2nd gen iPod touch. Don’t get me wrong, I love my iPod. But I went without one for several years and could probably do so again. I only got it last year and really all I use it for is to listen to my vast collection of music while I’m at school or working on something. But apparently they (Steve Jobs) want it to look like the new iPhone 4 and were going to haggle me about updating the software until I agreed to play their mind game…which unfortunately, I did. So afer two failed attempts and countless hours later, the background on my iPod now looks like the new iPhone and I now have the ability to download apps and other crazy and pointless contraptions that will just take up more space and battery power. One such app is the iBook app. Notice the ever-loving “i” in front, the symbol of Jobs’ covert operation. iBooks is basically a bookshelf for your iPod in which you can download ebooks for a few countless dollars and have the ability to read them on your cell-phone sized screen and be able to turn the page with a swoosh of a finger. You are even given a FREE copy of Winnie the Pooh when you download it. Really? A.A Milne is turning over in his grave right now. What reading level do you think we are on Steve? We may be a technologically advanced society, but infants and toddlers have not yet gained the capacity to work an iPod. Notice I said “yet.” But until that day comes, why not give us some Tolstoy or some Stephen King? At least something with some substance and something that doesn’t rhyme every other word.

The whole concept of the ebook angers me. Amazon has their Kindle, Apple and Steve have the iPad and all their other devices. And now, even Barnes and Noble has the Nook and they are all coming out with “new and improved” versions every week or two. They say the purpose of an e-reader is to limit the amount of books one carries around and to alleviate all that weight. Well it’s not like I’m always carrying around copies of War and Peace and The Art of War. I always only carry one book with me at a time and it’s always in my purse, which is basically my overnight bag. What happened to the thrill of buying a new book? What happened to the love for that amazing “new book” smell? Are we so lazy today that we have to carry around an electronic device that probably costs more than the amount of books we buy in year in order to get our daily dose of literature? Not to mention, how can one seriously sit there and hold a handheld device in their hand for an hour and read off a bright screen no bigger than their palm? Call me crazy, but that sounds pretty unhealthy. My vision is bad enough as it is, and I really do not want to have to put my glasses on just to try and see what chapter I’m on. Call me a nerd, but I love the feeling of bound pages in my hand. I love the slick cover on a hardback and the way the flaps give hints about what’s to come. I love being able to pick a bookmark out of my collection and slide it through the page I left off on. E-Readers and iBooks alike are all a slap in the face to REAL books and publishers. No wonder bookstores are suffering, which is a sin and a shame in itself. However, the B&N seems to be doing pretty well since you feel like you’re walking into the Apple store every time you enter their doors. Instead of the New Releases, they now feature their entire collection of Nooks and their accessories in the very front of the store now so you can’t miss it. Way to go Jobs. Your ideas have taken over my bookstore. And if you go after my Starbucks next, I will come after you.

So that brings me to my final question. Can paper media survive the technological takeover? Will true readers be forced to put down their reading glasses and turn off their lamps and pick up an iPad when they want to read the newspaper? Will I have to bring an expensive device to school everyday and risk losing it or having it stolen just so I can have the required materials for class? Will our children learn to read from a screen as small as them? I don’t know about you, but I support the freedom to read and the freedom to pick a book off a shelf at a bookstore or library. And if you want to continue to give Steve Jobs a job while others are losing theirs because of technological advances like his, well then be my guest. But just know that I will write about it in my memoirs. Which will be going on a shelf at my local bookstore.

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Shh! I’m trying to read

I was provoked this morning when I found out that my right to literature was being challenged. I taught myself how to read at the merry old age of 4 and I haven’t stopped since. I’ve read everything from the Berenstein Bears to Little Women to a failed attempt at War and Peace. And one thing I try to read everyday is the newspaper. In my reading this morning, I saw where groups of protesters and members of some Fundamental Intellingence brouhaha group are rising up against Twilight. If you know me, you know that I am a great big huge fan of Twilight, not because of Edward Cullen, but simply because of the literature and the way that amazing story is told. These books have been out for years now and these people are just making these comments. They say that vampire books have been among the most challenged for years and that this series’ sexual content makes it the number 5 most challenged book for this year. Also on that list are The Perks of Being a Wallflower, The Color Purple, Catcher in the Rye, To Kill a Mockingbird, and of course, Harry Potter.
The number 3 book on the list is entitled “And Tango Makes Three” which is a CHILDREN’S book about two male penguins who adopt a penguin baby. This should tell you something about our society today.

This angers me to no end. It seems as if these poet laureate wannabes wait until a book becomes popular before they find something wrong with it and try to have it removed from the shelves. Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn still to this day remains the most challenged book in history and yet we see it in every classroom and every library. Last time I checked, this was a free country and our First Amendment constitutes free speech and free press for all. Since I’m pretty sure the Bill of Rights has not been changed in the past few years, acts such as these are morally wrong. Don’t take a book off the shelf just because it talks about sex, drugs, suicide, homosexuality, racial issues, or monsters. Have you turned on the TV lately? Have you heard any of the music being played on the radio? Every single one of those aspects and more are thrown all through the media in rather generous portions and no one is trying to get them taken off the air. People are profiting from showing naked women all over the TV and in magazines. The majority of the books they try to challenge don’t even have pictures. They are trying to censor words in literature and they are trying to dictate the choices of readers everywhere.

Here’s a tip: Parents, if you don’t want your child to read a certain book, then don’t let them read it. But don’t stand outside a library with a picket sign trolling that you want it taken off the shelf. Going into a library or a bookstore and picking a book to read is a personal choice. No one makes that choice but that person. And they don’t have to read the smut you say people are printing today. In my opinion, these people are just jealous that they didn’t come up with the idea of Edward Cullen or a school of witchcraft and wizardry and they hate that they aren’t making any money from such a brilliant idea. Well get over it. Sit down at your computer and write your own bestseller if that’s the case. I plan on doing it myself one day and if you try to take me off the shelf, you will experience a wrath of hell that you have never thought possible.

Take away my right to read and you will get the horns my friends. Thank god you people weren’t around when Anne Rice and Bram Stoker were writing. Otherwise, vampires would look like fairies. And that is something that I am just not okay with.

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A word is not worth a thousand pictures.

Welcome to The Lonely Word. It’s my project blog of sorts to help me get back to what I love the most: the written word. Here you’ll find my weekly book recommendations, my reviews and rants of what’s going on media-wise and just mainly about my passion for writing and reading.

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