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Read any good books lately? Join the club!

I have gotten totally behind on my blogging and I do apologize. As a rising junior in college with a job and three weeks left til classes, I shouldn’t have to explain to you why I have been absent from my online duties. But sadly, I must also use that as my excuse for not having finished another book for the Weekly. I am almost done and promise I will have it ready for you next week.

But never fear, I still have something I want you to peruse in your free time. It’s a website this week that I shamefully am just now discovering, but there is no question as to why I have already become obsessed with it. It’s goodreads.com. Here, you can make a free profile and go BOOK CRAZY. Its database contains every book ever written and you create lists: A “Read” list, a “To-Read” list, and a “Currently Reading” list. You add books to each list and whichever you are currently reading, you can update your status throughout your literary journey. With books that you have read, you are able to write your own review, give it your rating out of 5 stars, and post it on  your blog, Facebook, or Twitter.

Along with the reviews, you can post other forms of your writing, as well as answer questions in the NeverEnding Trivia game and also answer specific quizzes created by other players. There is also a quote section dedicated to users’ favorite quotes from a book or specific author. You can of course create your own trivia question or quiz, as well as add your own quote or create your own network or group, just like Facebook.

You know it couldn’t be a decent website without some social networking involved. You can add friends and see their reviews and updates as well as send them messages and your own reviews. There are also group forums, online book clubs, and they have recently incorporated live webchats with a featured author.

If you love to read as much as I do and want to share your thoughts on books with others, I definitely recommend you sign up at this site. Whether you want to bash the teen sap of Twilight or rave about your journey through Timbuktu, get on there and let it be known. I myself have over 50 books listed and am adding more everyday. I’ve even found a potential book blogging opportunity. Don’t hesitate to read my friends.


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Vampires, Werewolves, and Brooding, OH MY!

You knew it was coming. Don’t pretend like you haven’t been secretly anticipating it. Yes, that’s right kids, it’s my review of Eclipse. Even without having seen it, I knew it was going to be the best of the series so far. The book was by far my favorite. yes, it trumped Breaking Dawn for me, but only by a little bit. My assumption was confirmed about a million times from hearing reviews from my friends. And while I did not get myself involved with the pandamonium that was the midnight premiere, I was more patient than I thought and was able to outlast the hype for a few days. Nonetheless, I was the farthest thing from disappointed. If you haven’t read the book or seen the movie and want to, stop reading now so it isn’t spoiled for you. Breaking Dawn was spoiled for me unforunately and I will never forgive the person who ruined it.

First things first, it followed the book very well, which I commend the producers for. The previous two also did a good job of that. While not every single detail can be included without making it an all day venture, these movies do a great job of leaving out the most miniscule details only, so the only people who really notice it are those, like me, who have read the books more than once and very closely. The flashbacks to how Rosalie and Jasper became vampires were dead on (forgive the pun) and were filmed excellently. Alice was not as major a character in this one as she has been in the past but I’m glad that the Cullen family as a whole got their chance to shine. Both of Bella’s parents also had a much larger role in this one and it was great to see her mom’s character back again for an entire scene in the movie. The addition of Xavier Samuel to the cast was a nice one. Although this will be his only film in the series, I loved the way he portrayed the character of Riley Biers. He was a perfect fit for that persona. And he ain’t too bad lookin either.I was not, however, a huge fan of Bryce Dallas Howard as Victoria. While I think she is gorgeous and the daughter of a cinematic genius, she did not fit the part very well. Victoria is meant to have a more intimidating demeanor and a much harsher voice. Howard was just way too sweet for the part. (SPOLIER ALERT) But she didn’t last very long in the movie anyways.

The music was also ten times better in this one. Not just the score, but the choices for the soundtrack as well. The music fit the tone of the movie to a T and was well transitioned throughout the scenes. A lot of the music added to the intensity of a lot of the scenes which made it all the more exciting. Artists like Muse, The Bravery, Sia, Cee-Lo Green, and Metric grace the soundtrack and help to set the tone. Howard Shore conducted the entire score for the movie and may I say sir, you are a musical god. I have never downloaded the score for a movie before until this one. Howard Shore needs a high five. And a beer.

While I am not Team Jacob, Taylor Lautner did have a more serious part in this one and I commend his character and his acting skills. As much as I hate to admit this, there was one scene where I actually thought he was decently deserving of Bella’s love. I have already seen it twice, once with my sister and another time with a guy friend of mine. I dragged my guy friend out there in desperation of wanting to see it and bless him. I knew it wasn’t his favorite thing but at the end, he said he actually enjoyed it. Going into it, he was worried about all the brooding and the emo “Oh I’m going to kill myself if you don’t love me” feel to the movie. He had good things to say about Edward’s character in this movie and said he felt that Edward had a much more mature approach to the love triangle than Jacob did. We both agreed that Bella’s character was quite whore-ish with her “I love Jacob, but I love Edward more” attitude. That may be the one aspect of the series that I dislike the most. I mean you can’t have your cake and eat it too Miss Swan. You can’t just go and kiss someone else while you’re engaged to your “reason for existing.” I’m just sayin.

All in all, this movie gets 5 out of 5 stars from me. The tone of the movie is just right, it’s not as broody and suicidal, the music is amazing, the characters have matured as has their talent, and the intensity was finally fit for a much more mature audience. Even if you aren’t a fan of Twilight, I think you should see this movie. You will walk away with a different perspective of the series other than just a teeny-bopper fantasy and you may even become a member of Team Jacob or Team Edward. But for your sake, it should be the latter.

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I think I got a little Carried away…

Anyone who knows me knows that I love Sex and the City. It’s kind of a guilty pleasure of mine right up there next to Twilight and online window shopping. Even though I was only 9 when the show first aired on HBO and was far too young to watch such a racy show, I soon discovered it right before it went off the air 6 years later. I remember watching the series finale with my best friend in her living room and absolutely loving everything about Carrie Bradshaw and her relationship with Mr. Big. It was the kind of relationship I wanted. Granted, I was only 15 at the time and had very unrealistic expectations about men. But I still wanted my Prince Charming to come to Paris and rescue me and carry me off into the sunset. I mean hey, a girl can dream right?

Ever since that night, I started watching all the episodes that I could. TBS started showing reruns at night and soon there were marathons of old episodes available. I didn’t want to buy the DVD’s for fear of what my mom might say. And then we were introduced to the wonders of Charter On Demand. It had every episode ever aired and I would sit in the living room with my best heels on with some sweet tea in a martini glass. Yes, I stooped that low. I was obsessed. With the fashion, with the romance, with the sisterhood. Did I mention the fashion? Carrie Bradshaw was everything I wanted to be. I’ve always been a huge fan of Sarah Jessica Parker and to have her play one of my favorite characters on televison was the best of both worlds. She was a writer. I was a writer. She had a column and lived in the cutest New York apartment. She had romances and flings and nights out on the town all in her best Dior and Chanel accessories. But through it all her heart belonged to one man and she finally got him in the end. She had the best three girl friends anyone could ask for and lived the life I had envisioned for myself once I graduated college and got my degree in journalism. I still admire her to this day. I know that she’s a fictional character, but I really don’t feel like the real SJP is much different from Carrie. (Besides the 2 kids thing). That show gave women hope. It gave them an outlet and it gave them a greater sense of freedom to do what they wanted with their life.

So while I’m still a few short months from being able to drink my own Cosmopolitan, and while I cannot afford the designer labels that Carrie and her friends could, I still put as much effort into my everyday life as she did. I try to hold my head up as high as I can and look my damn best while doing it. Not only have I learned to have more confidence and to make my life what I want it to be, but I’ve learned that a bright red shoe and a kick ass necklace can make any outfit pop.

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Unconditional Love

So I also want to share with you things that I love that you might love too. And here is the first of those things. If you have never heard of philosophy, it’s a skin care and beauty line that features inspirational quotes on all of their product packages. I recently picked up their body wash called Unconditional Love and was moved not only by the scent, but by the quote on the front:

Once upon a time there was a person who swore they would love you forever. Their love moved on but your love stayed in the same place. Consider the opportunity to love the greatest of all blessings, even when love doesn’t go your way. The love you give is the love you  get and it is all good no matter where love takes you. Let the ability to love another belong to you forever and ever because real love stories never end.

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